The Fool

Upon one of my many walks
I sat down on a nearby bench
A rosebush by my side
I cannot help but ask myself
What contains more beauty
More beauty than a rose?

For what is a better embodiment
A better embodiment of life
Than that very rose?
Does it not repeat
Likewise with life
And it’s monotonous cycle?

The simple rose starts
Nothing more than a bud
Then flourishes and blossoms
Into true perfect beauty
And then slowly wilts away
Into something entirely new

Does it not resemble life
I asked again and aloud
Without receiving a reply
And sat in total silence
Left in complete solitude
Without any consolation

Then I thought what could
Be more beautiful than a rose
And I viewed the stars above
Basking in their grace
For what has more splendor
Than those very stars?

Just as with life
We seem close together
But are so far apart
Aren’t we only able to see
See each other
From a distance apart?

Then every so often
One shall fly away
Never to be seen again
For is this not so
With our very lives
I asked aloud in the silence

I waited and waited
Hoping for a reply
Then something seemed to stir
I glanced to my very side
The only response received?
“You’re a fool”

(c) Bret Sears – 2010

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About poetryoftheasian

I've been writting poetry for only a few years as a little hobby, and have had a few published in a small poetry contest. I currently want to write more and improve as much as I can. Any tips or feedback would be much appreciated. It is possible that after a few weeks I will revise parts of some of my poems.
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