Oh Apollo!
Bless me now with thy light!
For my tongue is stricken numb
And to silence I have succumb
My hands ache with the cold of night

Blindness hast stricken mine mind
Writing poetry all for naught
Meticulous ideas before me flee
Trapped within the poet’s thought
Otherwise lost upon a stormy sea

Oh Apollo!
Strike me now with thine light
Clear this weary mind
Of the chaotic night
And with thy creation bind

(c) Bret Sears – 2010

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About poetryoftheasian

I've been writting poetry for only a few years as a little hobby, and have had a few published in a small poetry contest. I currently want to write more and improve as much as I can. Any tips or feedback would be much appreciated. It is possible that after a few weeks I will revise parts of some of my poems.
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