We are men, created

Created in image of God

We are the dark, a shadow
For as shadow,

We are image etched from light

As the shadow

We are the imperfect image
An imperfect image of God

Yet it is so

All and every action
Is in his image

It is so

In our music

The voice of God

The sound
Of music created

For it is the shadow

The voice of God
Music is that shadow


The incomplete image
Perfect in its own way

Always changing
As the light changes

With the time of day
As necessary

(c) Bret Sears – 2010

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About poetryoftheasian

I've been writting poetry for only a few years as a little hobby, and have had a few published in a small poetry contest. I currently want to write more and improve as much as I can. Any tips or feedback would be much appreciated. It is possible that after a few weeks I will revise parts of some of my poems.
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22 Responses to Shadow

  1. laurenmichelleotheim says:

    I love this poem!!! So much fun 😀

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  3. brian says:

    snap///love the chaotic form and the flow is remarkable…nicely done!

  4. Rajlakshmi says:

    very deep write… nicely presented …

  5. mairmusic says:

    3 poems in one, and all together a 4th– very clever!

  6. mudwords says:

    ^ what they said! Great structure, novel and thought provoking. How much time did you spend drafting? The formatting must have taken aaaaages to get right.

    • Thanks! The poem maybe took me a couple weeks, but I was attempting to use a different structure and wasn’t sure what it was really going to be about. Once I decided that I wanted it separated, it took about a day or two of just messing with the structure.

  7. shakira says:

    I like CREATIVITY in presentations a lot .
    Poets are poets but creativity makes all the difference.
    Well done!
    you may visit me here

  8. I will like to know what this type of poem is called. I had a difficult time matching though. Nice effort indeed. Cheers!!!

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  10. Jingle says:

    two poetry awards,
    two general awards,
    Thank you for the invaluable contribution in Thursday Poets Rally week 20.
    U Rock!

  11. soulintention: signed .............bkm says:

    I like the way you put this one together – perfection with imperfection – interesting and thoughtful……gets me thinking………bkm

  12. Jingle says:

    Please help send hugs and good wishes to Viola and Ibok…
    thanks a ton!

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